NEXT SMILE! Official Photo Report

One day in 2020, while the GOOD SMILE NEXT project was still being planned in secret, the photoshoot for NEXT SMILE!'s official photos was held in Tokyo.
NEXT SMILE! is comprised of Miku Ito, Minori Suzuki and Yu Serizawa.
The unit has been formed for a limited time for Good Smile Company's 20th anniversary project to send smiles to everyone across the globe, GOOD SMILE NEXT.

During the half-day photo session, NEXT SMILE! showed off their smiles for several wonderful official photos.
Out of all of those photos, only a few can be used on the profile page and in press releases...
We thought it would be a waste to not use such cute photos,
so now we're sending their smiles to you with this collection of official photos!

This collection of photos is only being published here on the GOOD SMILE NEXT website! Be sure to take a look at them all!
Miku Ito, Minori Suzuki and Yu Serizawa even provided drawings and comments for the photos!

Let's start the photoshoot!

  • First up we have the three of them posed together, full of energy!

  • The "NEXT!" pose involves pointing diagonally upward!

  • Holding hands like good friends!

  • Sending smiles to the world while holding the Good Smile logo!

It may be a little difficult to see, but these are the badges they're holding!
For this unit, Miku Ito's color is blue, Minori Suzuki's color is red and Yu Serizawa's color is green!
If you look closely, you can see the same pins on their outfits!

  • The photoshoot was full of smiles all day!

A yellow shadow approaches NEXT SMILE!...

Just when we thought the photoshoot was going perfect, the famous Good Smile Company character Wooser showed up on the scene! Wearing a "GOOD SMILE NEXT PR Ambassador" sash he made himself, he decided he wanted to join the photoshoot! What is this cute-faced creature!?

What is Wooser?

The Wooser kigurumi (full body costume) is based on the character Wooser from the series "Wooser's Hand-to-Mouth Life". Wooser often participates in Good Smile Company events.
Featuring long legs coming from a round body, Wooser surprises crowds with his quick movements. He'll gladly take a picture with you, so if you see him, be sure to mention that you would like your picture taken with him to nearby Good Smile Company staff!
He appears to be very interested in cute girls.

Miku, Minori and Yu welcomed him with smiles of course!
They were happy to see him, and welcomed him to the photoshoot for a few photos together!

  • You can even see Wooser's smile! Looks like they're having fun!

  • During the photoshoot, the members of NEXT SMILE! caringly asked, "Are you alright?" and "If you're tired, let us know!", looking out for Wooser's health!

  • The photoshoot was going peacefully until... Wooser! Aren't you a little close!?

  • The NEXT SMILE! girls delivered a counterattack of love at Wooser, over-excited at being surrounded by cute girls!

  • Think about what you've done, Wooser!

  • Everyone made up and got together for a last shot with smiles wide!
    Thank you to NEXT SMILE! and Wooser for a fun photoshoot!

There are plenty of fun things in store for GOOD SMILE NEXT, starting from July 3rd!
NEXT SMILE! is just getting started, so if you want to see more of the charming NEXT SMILE! girls, be sure to stay tuned for more info!

The music video "GOOD SMILE BRINGS FUTURE -NEXT SMILE!ver-" is out now!

NEXT SMILE! Profiles & Comments

Stay tuned for more NEXT SMILE! and more from the GOOD SMILE NEXT project!
©Project wooser

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